How to shop online for the holiday season 


Holiday season is here! The perfect time to get early holiday presents or to spoil yourself with some new clothes! This season get hands-on pieces you've been loving for a while... You deserve them! 

These are the best-kept secrets to shop during the holiday season: 

These are the best-kept secrets to shop during the holiday season: 

 1.  Register to your fave brands' VIP club: 

Brands communicate their best offers to their VIP clients first via newsletter or SMS, and sometimes they surprise them by giving them early access (24h or 72h) before the public sale. Pd. Make sure to register to Maaji's VIP club; oh yes, big surprises are coming!

 2.  Make a list: 

Take a detailed look at your wardrobe and write down the pieces you need. Take your time to double check it, and just like that you are ready to go online and check some items from your list. 


 3.  Check the brand's size chart: 

One of the most significant difficulties of online shopping is the fact that you can't try things on, so make sure to buy your size and double-check you are getting the size that fits you. 

 4.  Check shipping times & returns:

Shipping times and return options might vary when shopping during the sale season. Double-check the timing so you are sure when to expect your pieces and how to return them if necessary. 

 5.  Check your gift list:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are probably one of the best times to get gifts for your loved ones, including yourself. Get pieces you know they really want at a discounted price! Perfect for getting into the Santa Claus mood. 

 6.  Stay on the loop: 

Check the brand's social media page, so you always get an inside scoop on special sales, happy hours, and more! 

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