How to style your vacation outfits

4 outfit ideas to take from the beach to the street! 


Have you ever been at the beach and wanted to go to a restaurant but your swimsuit doesn’t look like a street outfit? We’re here to help!
Escape to the beach for a fun day and get street-ready in seconds with these styling ideas!  

From swimming to boat ride

After having fun in the water in your swimsuit, put on a long dress paired with a small bag, sunglasses and sandals. You are ready for the ride! 

From surfing to city sightseeing

Surfing in long sleeve top is a must! Just wear a pair of baggy jeans and high-top shoes, is that easy to get a a cool edgy city outfit. 

From pool to chill day look

One-piece swimsuits are our favorites to turn into street-wear looks. This cut out suit looks like the perfect bodysuit under some denim shorts paired with Vans and a backpack. 

From beach to brunch 

The beachiest look of them all is a black swimsuit, a beach bag, a cool pareo and sunglasses! Easily turn it around into the perfect brunch look, how? Put on a long sleeve dress on, accentuate your figure with a belt on your waist, wear your basic flip flops and bring your fav crossbody purse. 

Enjoy the endless summer state of mind all year long!

Are you more of a visual person? Watch the video here: 

Enjoy the endless summer state of mind all year long! 

Are you more of a visual person?
 Watch the video here: 

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