This holiday season, the Maajic Makers are making your pieces, packing your orders and shipping every gift with a special dose of joy, kindness, and smiles. Every gift is full of MAAJIC; it’s our desire this year to inspire you to share it with your loved ones. There are many benefits of giving and the holidays are the perfect time to share the Maajic in your heart! 

1. Gifting to someone helps to spread love
Giving to other people makes them want to do the same. Though it’s great to give your best friend gifts, try branching out by giving them to a stranger or someone you haven't talked to in a while. This will inspire them to do the same for others and create a cycle of love.
This holiday you can start spreading the love by doing small things for the people around you, like buying coffee for the person behind you in line or surprising a neighbor with freshly baked goods. Science says that random giving makes the giver super happy, too! 

2. Seeing the look of happiness on the recipient's face is priceless
 The feeling you get when you see someone's face light up with joy after giving them a gift is one of the best feelings in the world. Giving gifts releases "feel-good" chemicals in the brain, which is common in those who volunteer or give to charity often. Giving to others, whether in the form of a present, a favor, or an act of kindness may be a great way to lift your mood over the holiday season. So don’t be a Scrooge – release your holiday stress by paying it forward.

3. Giving builds stronger connections 
When you give a gift to someone, it makes them feel closer to you and creates a stronger bond.  If you want to enjoy the emotional benefits of a strong friendship as your new year’s resolution, connect with them by giving them a thoughtful gift. This will build trust and strengthen your relationship. And don’t be surprised if they reciprocate in time!

4. When you give someone Maajic, you boost your confidence
 When you connect with others and make them happy, you also increase your own happiness and sense of self-worth. Research has shown that those who often give to others have greater self-esteem than those who don't. So, when you give to others, you are also helping yourself in ways that make you feel happy and secure. Win, win.

5. Sharing Maajic creates a fun way to spread the holiday cheer 
Helping someone else discover happiness is one of the easiest ways to get it yourself. Spreading holiday cheer through giving is a great way to find happiness for ourselves as well. It beats just sitting at home watching TV, for sure!
Think of someone who might be spending their holiday season without their loved one for the first time. What can you do to cheer them up? Maybe spend some time with them or make them their favorite cookies. Dust off your favorite carols and go sing to them on their front porch.
Anything you will do or give to make a shy or lonely person smile will go a long way in spreading the holiday cheer and making the world a better place.  

Your Maajic is… your smile, your time, your joy, your kindness, and your giving spirit. After all, the holidays are the perfect time to share the Maajic within you!

Let’s share Maajic together! 

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